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Proudly Australian &
Family Owned and Operated -
40+ years of results


The Proma movement began over 40 years ago with one vision and a heart for people

Since 1983 we have been dedicated to providing quality products, genuine service and opportunity to people across the world. Our mission is to uphold our high values, standards and remain people focused, always.

We are passionate about products that are not only good quality, but good for you, your family and the environment. That’s why we prioritise clean across all four of our incredible Australian brands. All-natural, organic, aloe vera based skincare; science backed, TGA approved nutrition; biodegradable, eco and family friendly home cleaning essentials; and concentrated and effective automotive products.


We promise to stay true to our values. Always committed to you, our employees, our company and what we stand for.

We are proudly family owned and operated.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated.

We value each customer and member. We prioritise the individual person.

We provide high quality products at affordable prices.

We are passionate about bringing hope to those in need, across the world, through our charity

We are dedicated to taking care of the environment through ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients.

We are committed to helping people feel good from the inside out.

We are committed to providing job opportunities and facilitating personal and professional growth.


An extensive range of high quality Australian products for everyday needs

Grace Cosmetics

All-natural, cosmeceutical skincare rich in botanicals, active ingredients and organically grown aloe vera.

Optimum Health

Making good health simple with high quality, TGA approved natural remedies crafted in Australia.

Proma Home Products

Highly concentrated, biodegradable and phosphate free cleaning products, environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.

Proma Performance

Extensive range of fuel additives and lubricants designed to maximise power, performance and efficiency.


1 membership, 4 brands,
unbeatable value

Looking to fill your home with quality and effective products, all while shopping at a discount? We have simple joining options to appeal to everyone! Become a member today to start saving on four incredible Australian brands.


Bringing hope
across the globe

We believe that to make the world a better place, it starts with us. The Light of Hope Charity has been part of Proma from the very beginning when our Co-Founder, Sandra Fittler, saw people in need and started a global movement.

Our mission is to ignite hope in desperate, disadvantaged communities around the world by providing them with what they need most.

100% of the profits from purchases of our Light of Hope products goes towards these life-changing projects. Together, we can create a meaningful difference.


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We invite you to join our Proma family to start enjoying the benefits of being a valued member! We have simple joining options to appeal to everyone. Whether you are simply looking to save on your personal shopping, onsell to family and friends or are a content creator looking to monetise your online traffic - we have a joining option for you.


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