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Created with a heart
for people and a
vision for success


To uplift, encourage and inspire people from all walks of life to lead more worthwhile and meaningful lives.


We believe in people, their dreams, and their unlimited potential to achieve them.

Our mission is to provide a genuine, independent business opportunity without partiality to creed or race, that is unlimited in its ability to reward effort, marketing quality, highly consumable and re-serviceable products for men and women.

Furthermore, we will provide significant inspiration, encouragement and knowledge in all areas of business and personal development through regular company sponsored training programs, the support of company appointment management and the provision of company produced training aids.

We will facilitate this mission by providing a highly professional service to every ambassador, assisting every function of their independent business.

Pictured above: Founders Valentine & Sandra Fittler


For 40+ years we have been committed to continually learning, developing and growing.

In 1983, Proma Systems was founded with just four employees in a small, 70 square metre office. As the business expanded, the small team moved to a larger office on Bundall Road, Gold Coast

“We moved into a highrise and I remember us carrying boxes up those stairs, dressed in our suits! It was such a big move for us, as we were young and fresh with limited capital. We were always full of vision and knew that one day, we would outgrow that building as well… And so we did.” - Val Fittler 1983

By 2000 Proma Systems moved into the 4,233 square metre World Headquarters. This building included a purpose built, TGA approved manufacturing facility at Helensvale on the Gold Coast. To this day, all of our products are formulated on site in this facility and picked, packed and shipped to all over the world.

Proma Systems remains dedicated to giving our ambassadors and customers the latest technology and innovations, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of emerging research and development.

“Life has a profound universal law, a law that is in force every hour of every day for our entire lifetime. The law is that we are either growing or decaying, that is, going forwards or backwards. Therefore, we need to be constantly striving for something greater everyday” - Val Fittler, 1998

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