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Power of Healing Foundation

Foundation that Heals While You Wear It

We understand the struggle when it comes to breakouts and wanting to cover it up with makeup. The worse your skin looks, the more you want to cover it up, but the more you cover it up, the worse your skin gets. It’s a real catch 22 frustration! But what if we told you that we have the solution? Our Aloe Oil Free Foundation provides you with flawless, full coverage as well as helps treat imperfections and heal troubled skin. Win win!

At Grace we believe foundation is the final step in your skincare routine, that’s why we formulated our Aloe Oil Free Foundation with the same standard of healing and powerful, quality ingredients as the rest of our skincare range.

Did you know that for acne prone and troubled skin it’s actually better for your skin to wear our Aloe Oil Free Foundation than not to wear foundation at all? That’s right! Ingredients like organic aloe vera and calamine actively work during the day to bring healing to your skin and treat imperfections. Unlike other skincare brands, our foundation doesn’t stifle the skin or clog the pores. Your skin will LOVE you for using a water soluble and oil free formula that actually allows your skin to breathe!

Let’s take a closer look into this powerful, healing formula.

Aloe Vera

Like all of our skincare, the number one ingredient in the Aloe Oil Free Foundation is organic aloe vera. Instead of basing our foundation on water or oil, we use healing aloe vera to ensure your skin gets the best benefits from every single skincare product you use. The high content of aloe vera in this formula provides you with ultimate anti-ageing benefits, acne healing power and will leave your skin healthy & glowing. We just know you will a-love this foundation!


The secret ingredient in this formula that really boosts the healing properties for acne and troubled skin is calamine! Calamine helps to control the spread of pimples, as well as dry up and heal existing imperfections. It dries up excess sebum and manages oil production to reduce shine and leave you rather with a glowy complexion. It also contains antibacterial properties that help relieve inflammation & irritation whilst simultaneously tightening pores and reducing dark spots. A well rounded ingredient that is sure to transform your skin!


Whilst our foundation is incredible on acne and troubled skin, it also addresses arguably the most popular skin concern… ageing! Cornflour is packed with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that helps delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This miracle ingredient in the formula helps our Aloe Oil Free Foundation go on effortlessly smooth on your skin allowing you to look flawless and youthful!

Regardless of whether you like to wear makeup or not, we would love to help you find more confidence to go makeup free or wear less makeup. We have the answer to your skin concerns and we are here to help!

“I went from having constant, painful, unmanageable breakouts that I had never experienced before, & a lack in confidence due to constantly feeling my skins imperfections even when I couldn’t see them - to almost completely flawless skin in a matter of months, while regaining confidence to face most days makeup free, as I always had in the past.”* - Elise Clare

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