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Explore the Pacific Coast

Escape to the beautiful Pacific Coast and city hop on the luxury, world class cruise ship, Brilliance of the Seas for our International Leadership Summit 2024. This trip of a lifetime offers a bit of everything: big city buzz, culture & history, adventure & exploration and unwinding & relaxation.

Disembarking from Vancouver, British Columbia, city hop aboard the luxurious cruise ship to Victoria, San Francisco, Catalina Island and Los Angeles. There are so many places to see and adventures to experience… The opportunities are endless!

City hop in luxury

The adventure starts as soon as you come aboard the Brilliance of the Seas. City hop from one culturally significant city to the next during the day and unwind with poolside cinema screenings and decadent dining experiences at night. This trip offers something for everyone.

Your holiday escape includes

  • 5 port of call stops across popular cities in Canada and United States of America
  • Unforgettable cultural and historical experiences
  • Endless on ship entertainment, dining and adventure
  • City to beach experience

How Can I Get There?

To qualify for the 2024 International Leadership Summit around the Pacific Coast, you must reach a Director level in the Marketing & Profit Plan. Qualification period begins June 1, 2023 and ends 31 May 2024.

AUS, NZ & PNG Directors, you must accumulate a total of:

1 Ticket = 8000 Travel Credits
2 Tickets = 15,000 Travel Credits

Qualification period June 1 - May 31 2024

How do i get my ticket?

As a brand ambassador, there are different levels to your membership. Reach Director level (or Discount Level 5) and you can start qualifying for your ticket.



Almost every product is assigned Travel Credits. You can see these next to the ADD TO BAG button on your shopping pages. The more you shop the more Travel Credits you accumulate.


Share your favourite products with others to collect more Travel Credits. When someone makes a purchase on your online store or you introduce them to the brand with a Welcome Pack, you collect the Travel Credits from their purchase.

Plus, when you introduce a new brand ambassador and they advance from Sales Associate to Sales Manager (Discount Level 3) in the first three months for their membership, we reward you with a bonus of 200 Travel Credits.


We?re big believers in rewarding hard work, that?s why every month we'll top up your account with Bonus Travel Credits as a thank you for your outstanding effort and influence.
Total monthly travel credits = Bonus Travel Credits

450 = 45 | 550 = 55 | 650 = 65 | 750 = 75 | 900 = 90 | 1100 = 110 | 1300 = 130 | 1500 = 150 | 1800 = 180 | 2000 = 200 | 2200 = 250


Almost every product is assigned Move Up Points. Collect enough Move Up Points to advance to the next discount level of your membership. When you advance to a new discount level we reward you with Bonus Travel Credits that are banked for when you hit Director. Once you reach Director level (Discount Level 5), these Bonus Travel Credits will count towards your ticket.

Sales Associate (Discount Level 2)
to Sales Manager (Discount Level 3)
= 500 Bonus Travel Credits

Sales Manager (Discount Level 3)
to Sales Executive (Discount Level 4)
= 500 Bonus Travel Credits

Sales Executive (Discount Level 4)
to Director (Discount Level 5)
= 500 Bonus Travel Credits



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