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MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive 250mL

MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive 250mL

Outstanding Oil Supplement

Increase horsepower and fuel economy, reduce emissions and reduce engine and gear wear.

MBL8 is an outstanding oil supplement that reduces heat and wear, providing superior lubrication and maximises component protection in petrol and diesel engines, hydraulic systems, power steering, manual transmission, standard differentials, oil filled bearings, transfer cases, lathe gearboxes and generators. This innovative formula relies on spherical micro-metallic particles to lubricate, delivering superior results. MBL8 is compatible with mineral/synthetic automotive engine and gear oil and lightweight oils.

Our MBL formula is based on highly refined natural minerals, processed into micrometallic particles so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. The micro-metallic particles can plate into wearing surfaces of vehicles and machinery to provide exceptional lubricating qualities and load carrying capacity, which far exceeds that of untreated mineral, synthetic and extreme pressure oils and greases.

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Product Information

MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive is an outstanding oil supplement for petrol and diesel engines, which has been designed to increase horsepower and fuel economy, restore compression, reduce emissions, oil consumption, engine and gear wear. MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive consists of micro-metallic particles suspended in a base oil, together with other ingredients which provide superior lubrication, reducing friction, heat and wear. For use in petrol and diesel engines, manual transmissions, differentials (not limited slip differentials), transfer cases, power steering, some air compressors and hydraulic systems.

Action and Benefits

There are three basic mechanisms of action.

1. Lubricating Action - The product contains micrometallic particles, spherical in shape and acting as super lubricating agents.
2. Filling Action - MBL8 fills in minor grooves, scratches and pits in the component material being treated, making a smooth surface which cuts down on friction and continues to reduce wear.
3. Plating Action - MBL8 plates into the surface, repairing the scarred or worn area. This process will vary depending on component application.

Regular use of MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive can:

  • Decrease fuel consumption.
  • Decrease oil consumption.
  • Decrease smoking.
  • Restore compression.
  • Increase horsepower.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • Repair by plating into minor scratches and surface imperfections.
  • Extend component life.
  • Reduce Friction.
  • Micro-metallic particles
  • An Anti Friction ingredient
  • A Particle Suspension agent
  • An Anti-Corrosion agent
  • An Anti-Foam agent
  • An Anti-Oxidant
  • A Dispersant

MBL8 was originally designed for use in gearboxes and crankcases. MBL8 demonstrates numerous properties when mixed with lubrication fluids. The major component in MBL8 is the base lubricating oil, which acts as a carrier for the other active agents in the product.

The primary active ingredients are micro-metallic particles suspended in the base oil. The product is formulated to provide superior detergency, as well as improved lubricity to the oil already in the unit. MBL8 is compatible with mineral oils and synthetic lubricating oils. The micro-metallic particles circulate with the oil, improving heat transfer.

The detergents in MBL8 help clean the internal working parts and hence, present a clean surface for lubrication. The metal particles can then do their part to reduce friction and increase operating efficiency within the unit. The micro-metallic particles perform two major functions. First, they conform to the irregularities on the surface of the moving parts resulting in a repaired and therefore, more easily lubricated surface. This same action is responsible for improving compression and horsepower in the internal combustion engine. The ‘improved' wearing surface is then more effectively lubricated, even by the existing oil.

Secondly, MBL8 further improves lubrication between moving parts to eliminate any metal to metal (part to part) contact, which is the major cause of internal friction and wear. The micro-metallic particles are initially spherical, much like tiny ball bearings. In this condition, the particles are easily distributed throughout the unit. During operation the micro-metallic particles conform to surface irregularities providing superior extreme pressure lubrication with the component.

When used as directed, MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive can greatly improve the lubricating qualities of the oil. Its unique formulation can provide important improvements in lubricity, detergency and high pressure lubrication.


Allow 5000km or 100hours of operation to a new or reconditioned engine before adding MBL8 Concentrate Oil Additive, to permit initial break-in.

Add immediately in all other applications.

  • MBL8 contains micro-metallic particles. These particles are soft and ductile. Other metals do exist which may be equal to or more ductile and softer than those in MBL8.
  • MBL8 is specifically designed for enhanced lubrication where the use of normal lubricating oils is specified. In situations where limited lubrication is required, such as in automatic transmissions, the use of MBL8 should be avoided.
  • MBL8 contains particulate materials which possess particle sizes in the 1 to 10 micron range. In applications where these particle ranges may produce mechanical problems or be screened out, the use of MBL8 should be avoided.
  • MBL8 in excessive doses may increase the viscosity of certain oils.
  • MBL8 should not be used in limited slip differentials automatic transmissions, wet clutch or wet brake applications.
  • MBL8 should not be used in ammonia compressors or in the presence of any acidic or caustic medium.
  • Ensure that MBL8 is not overdosed but used in accordance with recommended dosage.

MBL8 must be shaken vigorously before using. For best results, MBL8 should be added during an oil and filter change. After draining oil and replacing filter, add the specified amount of oil less 1 litre (more for larger applications).

Mix MBL8 thoroughly with the last litre of oil. Add to the engine and operate immediately for at least 15 to 30 minutes before shutdown. With components, i.e., manual gearboxes, differentials, etc., always ensure that MBL8 is thoroughly mixed with oil before adding to the component being treated. Always mix MBL8 with oil before treating any component.

Recommended Dosages in Petrol or Diesel Engines

Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles:
(a) With 4 cylinders, add 75mL per application.
(b) With 6 cylinders, add 100mL per application.
(c) With 8 cylinders, add 125mL per application.

Heavy trucks, industrial, marine and commercial applications:
With 6 or 8 cylinders, add 250mL per application.

Large industrial and marine application:
20mL per litre of engine oil.


Do Not Overdose. NB: In engines with 80,000 km or more of use, it may be necessary to change the oil and filter soon after the first application, due to the detergent effect of MBL8. MBL8 is not to be used in new or newly reconditioned engines until running in (approx 5000 klms) has been completed.

Future Oil Changes: Continue the recommended oil change schedule after the first application of MBL8 adding the proper dosage listed above with each oil change.

In manual transmissions, differentials and gearboxes add 20 mL of MBL8 per litre of oil (Not for use in automatic transmissions or Limited Slip Differentials).

In large hydraulic systems, e.g., farm machinery and industrial systems add 1 part MBL8 to 250 parts oil, or 4 mL per litre.

Do NOT use in torque converter systems or with clutches or brakes that operate in oil.

For small engines such as 4 stroke mowers and industrial engines add 20 mL per litre or 1 part MBL8 to 50 parts engine oil.


Specific Gravity @ 15.5°C (60°F) (h50 =1) : 1.1
Flash Point (C.O.C.) : 216°C (420°F)
Pour Point : -12°C 10°F)
Boiling Point : Above 210°C (410°F)
Viscosity SUS @ 37.8°C (100°F) with MBL8 : 64.5
Appearance and Odour. Metallic Brown. Mild oil odour.


Product contains petroleum oil, and micro-metallic particles. Do NOT store near heat, sparks or flame. Wash with soap and water after skin contact with product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available from Pro-Ma Systems.

Download MBL8 Oil Additive SDS


Do NOT take internally. Harmful or Fatal if swallowed. Contains micro-metallic particles and hydrocarbons. If swallowed contact a doctor immediately. Wash hands with soap and water after use or skin contact.

Medical Advice: Contains petroleum oil, and micro-metallic particles. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Call physician immediately.

Sizes Available

250 mL and 5 litre Containers.

I am a distributor and have been using MBL 8 for over 20 yrs, I purchased a mitsubishi express van 99 2.4 efi dual fuel in feb 2011 and was averaging abt 270/280 klms per tank at that time, 30,000 klms & 18 mts later I am getting between 370 and 400 per tank with smoother running there is 243,000 klms on engine Patrick - Vic Australia
Went camping and towing boat weight of boat around 300 kg before using any additives fuel consumption when towing was 16 L/100 then done gardening at home and towed 2000 kg of dirt by then I had the MBL 8 in the oil, to my surprise the fuel consumption was steady on 10 L/100 how do you figure? My father first introduced me to Pro-Ma in my teens.... several years latter? I guess he knew whats good! Alin - Port Huon
Added proma to very noisy manual gearbox on a '94 Mitzy Chariot. I was ready for a bearing failure. As time went on the noise continued to decrease. Definitely a lot quieter when I sold it 75000kms later. Great product. Arthur - Hamilton NZ
I have been using MBL8 additive in my 2004 BA Falcon since about 80,000 km's and will not do an oil change without adding pro-ma. It now has just over 225,000 km's on it and other then normal maintenance and up keep it has never missed a beat, the engine still runs quiet and smooth. before I used pro-ma I struggled to get much more than 620 kms out of a tank of fuel on a good run, and the temperature gauge sat a bit under half. Now I get around 750 km's out of a tank of fuel, and the only time the temperature gauge goes over a quarter is when the car is sitting idling or its a really hot summer day. Even then, it does not push over half ever whilst idling and around one third over a quarter whilst driving on a hot day. I can drive 6 or 7 hours straight and the temperature gauge sits on a quarter. the fact that the engine runs so cool now and my fuel economy improved so much, I believe Pro-ma does everything it claims to do, and I recommend it to anyone. Brett - QLD
I used to be a distributor for Pro-Ma and I have used this product for years. I have had a Range Rover towing another 4wd on a trailer for more than 80km without the oil pump turning before the engine started to produce a bearing failure knock. I have also ran Pro-Ma in my supercharged chev V8 in my Jeep which I run underwater sometimes. The water gets into the crank case due to one way crank seals, but the engine still remains lubricated until the water disperses. I also run this in my gearbox, transfercase and diffs with great results. I have even used the Pro ma grease on a wheel bearing that was screaming like mad, and the bearing was then silent for 2 weeks travelling while waiting for a new bearing to arrive. I do not usually recommend any products to people but Pro-Ma has been a product that I have done so for many years. David - Oallen Australia
I have been a user & a distributor for 13 years. I could tell you many instances of benefits but the most important 1 is I believe my BMW R80RT ( dry clutch) would not be alive today if not for me using MBL8. My brother was riding it one night, a lump of rock fell of a truck, luckily went underneath but he did not realise it had cracked the sump till approx 5 ks further on with the oil draining away all,the time. New sump casting from Germany, still as good as gold! Trevor - New Zealand
Love this MBL8 in our manual gearbox & diffs, and in the sump oil. Vehicles run smooth and quieter so must have less friction. Mark - Highbury
this is a Great product, used it in two different cars & it quiets down tappits great! john - rotorua
2008 chev p/u 91,000k should have no needs right? Just treated with MBL8. Never realized how noisy it was till I heard it quiet. Noisiest thing now is air rushing through radiator. Unbelievable!! But True! Belinda - Grande Prairie AB Canada
I have used this product for a very long time, it is awesome, engine starts better, runs smoother and gets me another 50km per tank! Very happy customer. Hugh - Wanaka
What a great product. I wouldn't even think of having an oil change without adding MBL8! Bob - QLD
Ihave used MB78 for 20yrs..i am a A grade mech' i specialise in H.P V8 motors..MBL8 is simply bearings or blue printing in a can..1st time it was shown to me we put it into a cortina 2.3 v6 that had 10lbs oil presure and was about to throw a rod,knocking its arse was blowing up..on start up this motor took 15 sec's to get oilpresure,.we added proma and went 4 a drive..within 5k the knock was halved,20k almost gone,50k it was like a new engine.40lbs oil pres' and silent,blow by minimul.instant oil pres on start up,.i drove this car to work 4 2yrs.i did oil changes with mbl8 at 8000k intervals.finaly the old girl failed w.o.f 4 rust and i pulled motor dwn.the bigends had rebuilt themselves with a copper like surface..the bores were copper coated..i sold this motor on in perfect runin condition..i now treat all my motors with mbl8..highly modified 4-500 HP Fords and chevy V8'S..5000miles then i add mbl8..It is like nothing else..if ur motor dont need it,it just passes mike - New Zealand
I have been using MBL8 for over 23 years in my 1986 Maxima which now has 485,000 miles and going strong, Yes it is a good car but MBL8 is Great. James - Frazier Park Ca. USA
Have a Mitsubishi with one VERY noisy lifter. Poured in the amount required (with some skepticism) after an oil and filter change, went for a drive for 30 mins. When I got back it was quiet and running like a new motor, unbelievable!!! Will use this on all my cars from now on - Brilliant stuff. Dave - Auckland New Zealand
This product is brilliant. My old 4wd has never run so well. Phil - Bunbury WA
I have been using Mbl8 for 25 years in every car I've owned since I saw a demonstration at the field days in mystery Creek in 1991. I was 17 at the time and training as a mechanic. I did use to push my engines very hard and have actually run an engine out of oil when stock car racing and had a hole in my sump. The engine finished the race! Ramon - Gisborne New Zealand
The best on the market for motor vehicle. John - Northam
i have already used this product doing a Review for a mate i gave him some put the mbl8 in the mower it was really lower on compression and blowing black smoke now normally that would indicate extreme wear so anyway i changed the oil brand new oil in the mower put mbl8 in there and boom the Revs go up and brought the mower back to Life so this product Definately works James - Ipswich
Hello, I first used this Product back last Century, in an XD Falcon that always had noisy Lifters, and chewed oil on a regular basis. After following the Pro-Ma filling Instructions, I travelled from Rockhampton to Jericho, only stopping at Alpha for fuel and oil level Check. Noticed how Quiet the Valve Lifters had become. Added 1/2 Litre of oil at Alpha then on to Jericho . Left Jericho next day with Oil on Full mark. Once back in Rockhampton the Dipstick oil Level was still on Full.? Incredible > This engine ran for years later and I always added the Magic "Engine Re-build in a Bottle" Pro-Ma Engine Oil Additive. A fantastic Product Mr.C - Rockhampton, Central Queensland
Brilliant product. My 1990 TP Magna EFI 2.6 was bought over ten years ago with about 230Ks on the clock. Now it's headed for 500Ks. It has never missed a beat. Never broken down and defies belief at the minor noise it makes whilst idling. Proma stuff is legendary and for the average punter you'd be nuts not to use it. Thanks for such a brilliant product. I also use the fuel additive. Makes a considerable difference. When I lived in Canberra, on those below zero morning, the old girl fired up as if ambient temp. was normal. Thanks to the genius guy who did the original work to make this stuff. It has made my life, and the life of the Magna way better. Robin - Childers, Qld.
I started using Pro Ma products in 1983, when I was introduced by one of my work colleagues. I was very impressed with the product MBL8.  After treatment, my 1974 5 Litre Holden utility ran much smoother and the acceleration was greatly improved. I also treated the engine and manual gearbox of our Datsun 200B Station Wagon. Results were very good and after two treatments, the fuel consumption improved from 21 mpg to 27 mpg. Downside? I nearly put the 200B on its roof when I tramped the old girl through a roundabout and came out faster than I expected. Every one I speak to and recommend the products to, have a very good opinion of the product. Good luck to all you fellow users. Graeme - Mooroolbark Vic Aust.
I have been using it for 15 years i put it in all my gear trucks and trailers an heavy road trains. I buy it 5lts at a time Graham - Gympie
I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado, I use the GT5 gas treatment, I have increased my fuel consumption from 700 km per tank to 1,000 km. I also use the mbl8 in my 5.3 engine what a difference, good power,almost no carbon coming out the tail pipe. My dad used the product in his 1992 oldsmobile cutlass, he had 650,000 km on the V8 engine, it has never been opened up,never had injector problems. I would recommend these products 100%. We have save alot of money staying out of the repair shops . Gerald Cooper Calgary AB Canada Gerald - Calgary AB Canada


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