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We source only the highest quality ingredients for you, your family, your home and your car. With one membership you get complete access to clean skincare, general purpose cleaning, health & nutrition and automotive products.

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Save up to 35% on every single order. Shop any of your Pro-Ma favourites from across our product ranges at a discount whenever you want, starting today!

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Save even more with regular member only sales and special offers of up to 50% across the Pro-Ma ranges.

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Introduce your family and friends to Grace Cosmetics, Pro-Ma Performance, Optimum Health or Home Cleaning. When they purchase online, you earn a cash rebate.

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In addition to your everyday member discount, you will be treated to exclusive promotions just for you! These include access to exclusive members only specials and flash sales events with up to 50% discount across the Pro-Ma ranges.


Up to 35% off RRP for all your future purchases. That means you can shop any of your Pro-Ma favourites at a discount whenever you want! We know what you’re thinking… it sounds too good to be true! But here at Pro-Ma we are all about providing quality products at affordable prices.

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Refer and be rewarded. As a loyalty member you can refer family or friends to purchase online and earn a cashback of up to 25% on RRP.

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There are added perks we share with our most loyal members. This could be anything from the latest must-have products and know how’s, to product launches or upcoming VIP happenings.

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